One common question I often get is, “why do I need anti-reflective on my eyeglasses”? This is a very good question and I hope I can explain its use and necessity to you. Anti-reflective and anti-glare are the terms used to describe the material added to your eyeglass lenses to reduce the amount of glare or reflections you experience. This material has multiple purposes, the first being to reduce or eliminate reflected light or glare. This reflected light or glare comes from a multitude of sources. Some of those being phones, video games, the sun, other vehicles, windows, school white boards, or fluorescent lighting found in schools and most offices. Have you ever noticed someone in a picture with eyeglass lenses that look white and you cannot see their eyes? This happens with the absence of anti-reflective material on the lenses. This results in the light not being reflected or the glare is not eliminated from the camera flash, or other light sources in the room, even the sun outside.

The second reason for the addition of anti-reflective material is that it helps to reduce scratches on the lenses. Some anti-reflectives come with a 1 or a 2 year warranty to remake the lenses if they become badly scratched. Truly good cleaning practices go in conjunction with reducing lens scratches but, care and cleaning of your lenses is a different topic to discuss.

The third reason to get anti-reflective material is that some anti-reflective materials make your eyeglass lenses more “hydrophobic”. This means that they repel water off the lenses more efficiently. We all get our eyeglasses wet or sweat gets on them and this feature helps to roll the moisture away like “water off a duck’s back” making it easier to see.

The next reason to get anti-reflective is that it helps to reduce smudges on your lenses. We all touch our eyeglasses throughout the day and, for the most part, don’t realize we do. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have caught myself adjusting my eyeglasses, in the gym, by touching the lenses and later thinking “how did my eyeglass lenses get so dirty”? Anti-reflective helps resist the smudging from the oils on our hands or the environment around us. Along with this feature, you also can get the benefit of the lenses now repelling dust instead of attracting it.

Lastly, is the addition of blue light filtering. Some anti-reflectives now have this in the material and it is of great benefit to anyone who spends time on digital devices. We all love our computers, phones, and tablets but, the blue light our eyes are exposed to from these devices is not healthy and therefore a good idea to reduce. Have you noticed all the new settings on digital devices to help lower the amount of blue light exposure from using it? Those would not be now available if it was not an important concern.

So, with what you have learned in this short article why would you not investigate the different anti-reflectives or anti-glare materials available to you? The benefit of it greatly outweighs the cost associated with it.

Finally, if this has peaked your interest on this subject, go and see your local optician and enquire what anti-reflective is best for you, your life, and your activities! I am the optician located at Crystal Optical 401 E. Bell Road Suite 24., Phoenix, AZ 85022 and am happy to answer your questions.

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