Crystal Optical now sale an all-national line of cleaners and makeup.

We are excited to be able to sale the full We Love Eyes Products. This is a wonderful line of cleaners, oils, moisturizers, and brushes.

Here are a couple of the items we love.

Tea Tree Water Foam Cleaner - This is made with Tea Tree water. It is a great Cleaner for eyelids. Because it is made with no oil It is also safe to use on Lash extensions. This with the Margin Cleaning Brush make a perfect pair for eyelid hygiene.

Mist - Is a great way to “Spray away microbes, allergens, & debris.” This is a refreshing light mist.

Tea Tree Eyelid Cleansing Oil - “A higher concentration of tea tree oil, this potent eyelid cleansing oil gently removes bacteria, demodex, allergens, greasy debris, and eye makeup without the toxins.”

Urbaneyes Glass - A terrific to “Improves the appearance of dull, fatigued eyelid skin. Anti-pollution peptide derived from the seed of the Moringa tree, nicknamed the “miracle tree” for its natural, beneficial properties”.

Micellar Water - “Remove eye makeup with lush, supportive micelles in a sodium hyaluronic base to provide a gentle yet effective clean for all makeup types.”