When my patient walks through my door, the first few minutes of our conversation of what my patient is concerned about is very important to me. They might be walking through my door for a routine eye exam, but in the process of them telling me what they are having trouble with are key words that might end up in me giving them life changing solutions……seriously! It is human nature for our concerns to come out in our conversation of what is bothering us, especially if asked the right questions:

Patient: “Oh yes, I definitely cannot see driving at night, I have no problems seeing up close….”

Doctor Hamideh: “What type of work do you do up-close?”

Patient: “Other than my work day of 6-8 hours on the computer, when I get home. I’m just too tired to read, I just don’t read anymore, even though I loved to read, I’m too tired and just fall asleep, so I just don’t any more……..”

Parent of young patient: “Well, his teachers have been saying that he doesn’t pay attention in class, even at home he gets so frustrated with his homework, and he hates reading, he has no attention span”

“I keep losing my place when reading, I have to follow with my finger…..”

“I read the chapter over and over and just my comprehension is not as good as it used to be………”

“We are going to the pediatrician next week, I think my child has ADD………”

Bingo, of course other than presbyopia which affects all of us after the age of 40, near vision issues before the age of 40 are based on other causes. Especially with school aged children, accommodative inability can lead to many problems with near work, and school work, and there are solutions for that.

An interesting article regarding some of those concerns: https://www.additudemag.com/adhd-and-vision-problems-understanding-symptoms/

Near vision evaluation is an integral part of an eye exam and can lead to life changing solutions with a simple addition to your prescription. Be specific in your concerns, and it will lead to a ton of solutions for you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Healthy vision is my goal,

Dina Hamideh O.D.
Dr. Hamideh is an Optometrist serving the Phoenix and surrounding areas.

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