Have you ever seen someone and watched their eyeglasses lenses appear to become sunglasses in the sunlight? This eyeglass lens feature is called a photochromatic lens, or the common term used is “transitions”. While Transitions is a brand of photochromatic lens, there are several companies that produce this feature in eyeglass lenses.

Are you wondering why you would want this feature in your eyeglass lenses? Let me tell you a bit about them. The first thing to know is that this light to dark feature is all about keeping your eyes comfortable when you are going into bright light outdoors. These lenses do not go dark inside but, the reverse, they go clear indoors! Imagine you are in your house and can not find your trusty polarized sunglasses but, you want to go for a nice walk. With photochromatic lenses, you can still enjoy your walk in the bright sun with visual comfort. Now, keep in mind, these are not as dark and do not have the same properties as polarized sunglasses lenses but, they allow you the comfort of not squinting due to bright light outdoors, and having one pair of eyeglasses do the job of two.

There are several options when discussing photochromatic eyeglass lenses. We can tailor them to your needs, based on whether you need them to drive, golf, bike, or other outdoors activities.

If you would like more information on photochromatic lenses and which one would benefit your eyes and lifestyle the most; stop in to see me at Crystal Optical. I am happy to help you with your eyeglasses needs.

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