My question is always: “if I could fit you successfully are you willing to at least try or try again?” I would say most of the time, it was more of a fear than a reality, and almost always a misconception. In terms of contacts, thanks to today’s many innovative technologies, there are a plethora of options of contact lenses for our patients needs. And NO, you will not be stuck buying contacts that are not right for you.

A routine eye exam is the first step to a proper contact lens fit, followed by a contact lens evolution and fitting. After a comprehensive eye exam, to assess that the eye is healthy to be fit with glasses and contacts. Of course I will always tell you that a successful contact lens wearer is one that has a back up pair of glasses. After your comprehensive eye exam, the process begins to find the right contact for you. A contact lens fitting fee usually includes a fitting of a trial lens, handling the lens, with a successful insertion and removal and a trial period for about 1 week. This period allows you to try the lens in your environment, your hobbies, work, school and life in general. This process is an important period of time for you to asses your comfort and vision with the lens.

It is very important obviously to come back for a follow up with your Optometrist to discuss your opinion of the lens, and that gives the Optometrist the chance to assess the lens on your eye after it has been in the eye for a period of time. At this time, your Optometrist can assess if that lens is a good fit on you based on their examination and your experience with the lens. IF it was not a good fit, based on a variety of reasons, there are many options out there to refit the patient according to the need and assessment. Another whole subject that we will approach later on is the mode of contacts available for our daily needs. A big one is: “I cannot wear lenses because I will not be able to read, and I do not want to wear reading glasses, the whole point is to not wear glasses so what is the point”

Absolutely! and I have an answer to that…….stay tuned!

Dina Hamideh O.D.
Dr. Hamideh is an Optometrist serving the Phoenix and surrounding areas.

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