The health of your eyes matters to you and it matters to us too, which is why we are offering OCT to all our patients. OCT is a new, completely painless and highly advanced screening system that checks for potentially serious conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, age-related macular degeneration, vitreous detachments and more.

A step-by-step approach.

Having an eye scan is simple and painless, just follow the steps below:

Step 1
Book an appointment with your eye doctor.

Step 2
Your eye doctor will scan your eyes using the state-of-the-art 3D OCT camera from Topcon.

Step 3
The high resolution 3D images am examined by the eye doctor using special analysis tools.

Step 4
The results are presented to you.

Step 5
Any future scans can be compared with previous ones for comparative diagnosis.

There are two types of procedural tests involving optical coherence tomography (SCODI) commonly used at Crystal Optical. There are Wellness Scans and SCODI with physician interpretation. Wellness Scans are recommended for all new patients as baseline documentation of your retinal health in both eyes. Wellness Scans are offered as a service to patients at a cost of $45.00. Insurance will not pay for this service nor is there a billable code to use for this service, as it is elective and optional.

SCODI is a medically indicated service where retinal status or pathology needs to be examined, interpreted, and followed over time by your eye doctor. It is more extensive than wellness scans and has a different charge. Examples of this can include but are not limited to: diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, choroidal nevus (pigmented lesion in retina), macular degeneration, hypertensive retinopathy, congenital defects, etc. These types of conditions are seen during your dilated exam by your doctor and need to be documented by SCODI and/or photographs, analyzed and interpreted by your doctor and kept for future comparison in your medical record. This service is billable to your insurance and has a recognized procedure code.